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Some words from our customers ...

With no Maserati dealer in Canberra currently, I have relied on Moro Motors to handle mechanical repairs on my 2005 GranSport these last 2 years. They attended to an air conditioning compressor failure which required a lot of spannering to get access. Other components in the area were sensibly renewed at that time, while the access was there. They also adjusted the handbrake where others could not effectively. A stainless front exhaust upgrade was later performed, where a cat had failed from a track day. Later this month they will do a complete brake system refresh.

I can recommend their work, having a proper feel for Italian cars. Only once did I have reason to return, for a rattle on the newly fitted exhaust, which they attended to promptly and effectively.

Bruce Lott

When we bought our first Alfa Romeo we knew nothing about where to have the car maintained. We unfortunately soon learned that not all workshops mentioned by other Alfa owners offered the same level of service. When we 'discovered' Moro Motors, it made a huge change to our outlook on the future of Alfa ownership. Now we might be able to afford to keep the car!

Moro Motors has always provided us with first class work at reasonable prices (not to mention the discount for Alfa Club members) and we've always been given a clear explanation of what was going on and the various options available for how things could be done. That’s why we’ve been going to Fernando for over 20 years. It’s largely through the quality of the work and advice provided by Fernando and his family that we (and our family) have had the confidence to enjoy many more Alfas since our first.

We've now owned 7 Alfas of varying types and ages (ranging between 1967 and 2004 so far), and still have 4 of them. Given the choice, we wouldn't take our cars to anyone else.

Laura Tonge and Keith Steed

Moro Motors has serviced, repaired and improved my varied Alfa Romeos for over twenty years; Giulia Supers, GTV6, 75 TS, Alfasuds and 147. Fernando has fixed many problems I caused myself, and a few that eluded or baffled other mechanics. And the parts supplied are always the right quality and price. Over the years Moro Motors replaced or repaired almost every part of my Alfasud, including a 16V conversion that breezed through engineering and registration scrutiny.

You might expect thorough, expert and honest work from any professional mechanic, but at Moro Motors you actually get it.

Brian Smith

I have been a regular customer of Fernando Moro for over 20 years. In that time he has performed all types of mechanical work for me, ranging from regular servicing of our everyday cars, through to major work such as the rebuilding of engines, transmissions, suspensions and brakes on my collection of older Italian machines. He has been a valuable source of advice and knowledge, offering his time without complaint to discuss areas of interest in a friendly and open manner. His attention to detail and expertise are second to none and I have no hesitation in recommending Fernando to anyone who wants their car taken care of by someone who really understands Italian cars, both new and old.

Brad Aitken

Moro Motors has been servicing my 2006 Fiat Punto for many years and we have always been happy with the quality of work, friendly service and value for money. Given Moro's reputation, I also had no hesitation in entrusting my 1967 Lancia Fulvia Berlina to Fernando and the team who brought it back to life within weeks and within budget after a long period off the road. During the works, Fernando kept me informed of pricing, progress and best options for sourcing rare parts.

With excellent value and loads of experience, I can recommend Moro Motors both for regular servicing and restoration works.

Geoff Buckmaster

For the past 18 years I have had all my vehicles serviced and repaired at Moro Motors.

In that time I have owned a 1981 Alfasud TC, 1988 Alfa 75 TS and 2012 Mito Distinctive.

All servicing and repairs have been completed to the highest standard ensuring my vehicles are reliable and operating at their full potential. From minor mechanical repairs to major engine overhauls and replacements I have been completely satisfied with all work done.

Fernando has always been able to correctly diagnose faults, recommend correct remedial action and provide sensible advice on modifications for all my vehicles and I have no hesitation in recommending his services.

William Hastie

We have utilised the services of Moro Motors for many years for both Alfa Romeos and Fiats.

Fernando's knowledge of Italian cars is second to none and we would have no hesitation in recommending his services to others.

Hope Mitchell and Tony Hanrahan

My present car is a Fiat 124 CC Sport Coupé; earlier, over four decades, I owned a 132 sedan and two Alfasuds. I have sent all of them to Moro Motors for repair work (including an engine swap) and non-routine maintenance because I have learnt that Fernando’s personal attention, expert advice, high skills and thoroughness will guarantee a top result.

Tim Chapman

For more than 25 years I have been taking my cars to Moro Motors for service and repairs. During that time, Fernando has taken excellent care of my Alfa Romeo Alfettas, and later our Alfasud Ti

Now I entrust our current daily driver, a Fiat Ritmo T-jet, to his capable hands. People may try to tell you that Italian cars are not reliable, but this is generally because they end up being serviced by non-specialists. Fernando however, has a deep knowledge, love and understanding of Italian machinery, and is dedicated to making sure your car is in top condition. What's more, his rates are very reasonable. Whether it's a vintage Fiat 500 or a new Maserati, you know your car is in good hands with Moro Motors.

Bill Edwards